Industrial Electric

Industrial Strength Electricity for Robust Operations.

Powering Industries, Driving Progress

Industrial electrical needs are complex and demanding. Kozelka Electric is equipped with the experience, expertise, and tools to deliver efficient, reliable, and safe electrical solutions that help your industry stay productive.

Electrical Installations for Industrial Facilities

From manufacturing plants to warehouses, we provide robust electrical installations, including power supply systems, lighting, and control systems, tailored to your industrial facility’s needs.

Industrial Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

Minimize downtime and keep your industrial operations running smoothly with our preventative maintenance services and prompt repairs. Our team can swiftly diagnose and address any electrical issues.

Energy-Efficient Industrial Solutions

Optimize energy use and reduce operational costs with our energy-efficient solutions. From upgrading to LED lighting to installing automated control systems, we help industries become more sustainable.

Safety & Compliance Inspections

With safety and compliance as our priority, we offer professional inspections, testing, and safety upgrades to meet industrial standards and protect your employees and infrastructure.

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